Scientific/ social program – 2nd

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Wednesday, June 14th                                                                                                               

14.30-16.30    Registration 

16.30    Welcome Introduction 

Session 1.- Meiosis onset and Recombination (Chair: Ruth McCole) 

17:00    Attila Tóth (IS 1): Controlling DNA Breaks in Mammalian Meiosis.

17.45    José Ayté: U2AF65Prp2 promotes intron definition by stabilizing U1 snRNP at the 5’splice site.

18:05    Daniel Fernández: Small-RNAseq reveals miRNAs differentially expressed in female and male primordial germ and somatic cells in meiotic onset of the mouse embryo.

18:25    Coffee Break 

18:55    David Álvarez-Melo: Regulation of Double Strand Break (DSB) formation via the axial element protein Hop1.  

19:15    Miguel Pachón: Revisiting the aminopeptidase MPA1: Looking for new alleles to infer its function in chiasma formation.  

19:35    Ana MartínezMarchal: Study of the role of CHK2 in mammalian oogenesis.

19:55    Elena de la Casa: Study of genetic background and diet effects on meiotic crossover frequency.

20:15    Sponsor 1 seminar.

21:00    Dinner 


Thursday, June 15th                                                                                           

8:00–9:00    Breakfast 

Session 2.- Regulation of Recombination (Chair: Alberto Pendás) 

09:00     Denise Zickler (IS 2): Interplay between Synaptonemal Complex and Spindle Pole Body components.

09:45    Divyashree Coimbatore: A forward genetic screen to identify factors that control meiotic recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana.

10:05    Jesús Page: Mid pachytene marks the transition from a meiotic to a somatic-like DNA damage response during mouse meiosis.

10:25   Tatiana García-Muse: DNA damage Phosphorylation within the Synaptonemal Complex. 

10:45    Coffee Break + Poster Session 

11:50   Esther Herruzo: Identification of Pch2 localization determinants and its role in the pachytene checkpoint.

12:10   Sara González: Role of the H2A.Z histone variant in the pachytene checkpoint.

Session 3.- Chromosome Structure and Dynamics (Chair: Attila Tóth)

12:30    Inés Berenguer: Inner Centromere Network in mouse meiosis: the interplay between SGO2 and CPC recruitment pathways.

12:50    Marina Martínez-García: Breakage or movement? New insights into meiotic interlock resolution.

13:10    Alfonso Fernández-Álvarez: Telomeric regulation of Nuclear Envelope Disassembly in Meiosis.

13:30     Group photo 

14:00    Lunch 

15:15–18:00    Visit to Castillo Manzanares el Real 

18:30    Nadia Fernández: What is the meiotic role of the Arabidopsis nucleoporin SUPPRESSOR OF AUXIN RESISTANCE1 (SAR1)? Finding out answers.  

18:50    María Prusicki: Live Imaging of Meiosis in Arabidopsis thaliana.  

19:10    Andrea Enguita Marruedo: Live cell imaging of mouse spermatogenesis and oogenesis.  

19:30    Filipa B. Martins: Cdc14b prevents metaphase entry upon activation of the pachytene checkpoint in spermatocytes.  

19:50    Tomás Naranjo: Behavior of individual rye chromosome pairs in a wheat background in early meiosis.

20:10    Sponsor 2 seminar.

21:00    Dinner 


Friday, June 16th                                                                                                                          

08:00–09:00    Breakfast 

Session 4.- Evolution of Meiosis (Chair: Denise Zickler) 

09:00      Ruth B. McCole (IS 3): Ultraconserved elements: a 300 million year old mystery.

09:45      Mireia Solé: Is there a pattern of chromosome territoriality along mice spermatogenesis?. 

10:05  Covadonga Vara:  Exploring chromatin dynamics during mouse spermatogenesis.

10:25    Pablo Parra:  Changes in meiotic recombination during the diploidisation process in Arabidopsis thaliana.

10:45    Javier Isoler: Cellular and molecular characterization of meiotic and gametogenic progression in ex vivo culture of prepuberal mouse testis. 

11:05    Coffee Break- Poster Session 

11:50    Fernando GómezAldecoa: Meiotic behaviour of rye B-chromosome derivatives.  

12:10    Ana Gil: Meiotic behaviour of neo-XY sex chromosomes in the African pigmy mouse Mus minutoides. 

12:30    Natalia Felipe-Medina: Functional analysis of two ultraconserved sequences with potential function in mouse gametogenesis.

13:00    Business Meeting + Closing Remarks 

13:30    MeioNet meeting 

14:00    Lunch 

15:30    Departure