Scientific/ social program – 1st

Tuesday, June 14th

14.30-16.30        Registration

16.30     Welcome introduction

Session 1.- Recombination (Chair: Ewelina Bolcun-Filas)

16.45     Meiotic DSB formation in the context of chromosome structure. Franz Klein (R0 – IS1)

17.30     Control of DSB formation by CDK activity in fission yeast. Cristina Martín-Castellanos (R1)

17:50     Meiotic recombination variability in male mice due to genetic background and diet effects. Elena Esperón de la Casa (R2)

18:10     Coffe Break

18:55     Targeting Specific Genome Meiotic Recombination in plants. Salman Aloufi (R3)

19:15     Lessons from the transcriptome analysis of sunflower meiocytes with differences in the recombination rate. Nathalia María Vanessa Flórez-Zapata (R4)

19:35     Crossovers defects in the Arabidopsis mutant hve-2 are overcome in its primary trisomics. Miguel Hernández (R5)

19:55     Topoisomerase II in plants: a key player in cell cycle, condensation and DNA repair in both mitosis and meiosis. Marina Martínez-García (R6)

20:15     Induced autotetraploidy in recombination defective meiotic mutants: is chromosome copy number relevant?. Pablo Parra Nuñez (R7)

21:00     Dinner


Wednesday, June 15th 

8:009:00              Breakfast

Session 2.- Recombination & Checkpoint (Chair: Franz Klein)

9:00        Meiotic Prophase I Checkpoint: Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together. Ewelina Bolcun-Filas (RC0 – IS2)

9:45        Study of the role of CHK2 in mammalian oogenesis. Ana Martínez-Marchal (RC1)

10:05     ATR is required to complete meiotic recombination and chromosome synapsis in mice. Saraí Pacheco (RC2)

10:25     Functional and biochemical dissection of the interaction between Pch2 and ORC in controlling meiotic DNA double strand break formation. María Ascensión Villar-Fernández (RC3)

10:45     ATM/ATR Are Required For normal levels of Meiotic Double Strand Breaks (DSBs) Formation. Another Twist From The Horma. Jesús Carballo (RC4)

11:05     Cofee Break

11:50     Functional analysis of the Pch2 ATPase in the meiosis checkpoint network. Esther Herruzo (RC5)

12:10     Role of the H2A.Z histone variant in meiotic chromosome motion and the pachytene checkpoint. Pedro San-Segundo (RC6)

12:30     Crossing through the nuclear envelope in Arabidopsis meiocytes: A role for the nuclear pore complex. Mónica Pradillo (CD1)

12:50     Models To Study Mouse Synaptonemal Complex Dynamics In Vivo. Andrea Enguita Marruedo (CD2)

13:10     Group Photo

13:30     Lunch

15:3017:30        Monastery visit

Session 3.- Chromosome Dynamics and Segregation (Chair: Juro Gregan)

17:30     PDS5A and PDS5B are involved in determining the length of the axial/lateral elements and telomere integrity in male mouse meiosis I. José Ángel Suja (CD3)

17:50     Constructing 3D maps of mammalian genomes: from somatic to germ cells. Covadonga Vara González (CD4)

18:10     A new tridimensional approach to study the dynamics of chromosome positioning during spermatogenesis. Mireia Solé Canal (CD5)

18:30     The Arabidopsis SUPPRESSOR OF AUXIN RESISTANCE (SAR) proteins are nucleoporins required for normal meiotic progression. Nadia Fernández Jiménez (CD6)

18:50     Bub1KD mice present segregation errors in spermatocytes but not in oocytes. Inés Berenguer López (CD7)

19:10     Spatial Regulation Of Aurora B Recruitment By Horma-Domain Protein Htp-1 Ensures The Two-Step Release Of Sister Chromatid Cohesion. Nuria Ferrándiz (CD8)

21:00     Dinner


Thursday, June 16th

8:009:00              Breakfast

Session 4.- Chromosome Structure (Chair: Cristina Martín-Castellanos)

9:00        Regulation of cohesin by post-translational modifications. Juro Gregan (CS0 – IS3)

9:45        The SEVEN7 gene associated with genome-wide recombination rate is a novel constituent of the synaptonemal complex essential for mouse fertility. Laura Gómez-Hernández (CS1)

10:05     Contribution Of Structural Chromosome Mutants To The Study Of Meiosis In Plants. Tomás Naranjo (CS2)

10:25     The role of the SMC5/6 complex in Arabidopsis thaliana. Mateusz Zelkowski (CS3)

10:45     Regulation of cohesin functions during meiotic prophase. Maikel Castellano-Pozo (CS4)

11:05     Cofee Break

11:50     Bussiness Meeting

12:50     Closing remarks

13:05     MEIONet meeting

14:05     Lunch

15:05     Departure